What's next for singer-songwriter...

Working on everything!

Wow, it is hard being everything when producing music.  I had to rerecord some of the music for the upcoming ALL TRADITIONAL CELTIC SONGS album.  For some of the songs, I set everything up myself to record.  So, that's a bit of a learning curve.  Then, we actually had technical glitches from the studios we used in Dallas…didn't see that coming!  So, after my trip performing in Florida, I ended up having to fix these issues instead of leaving with a finished album in hand.  

So, yes…I'm making music in the studio, writing songs, and collaborating, and I'm writing and also rehearsing for live shows…and designing.  An artists' work just goes on and on.  

HOPEFULLY, though, I'll get these recordings RE-finished, and I can actually get them out to everyone!  It has been a year full of first tries for a lot of things - some things work and some endeavors just fell flat.

LEARNING, creating, and performing live!  AND what is going well, is being back on stage.  I'll be singing in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Texas in the next few months.  So here I go…back to work on setting everything on a schedule before I can get back to the creativity part.

Misty Posey