Give me moments, heart, timelessness, a dance in my step...   - Misty Posey Music


Misty Posey, often referred to as "Opera-girl," is a Celtic Classical Crossover Artist from the U.S.A., currently touring festivals and events in the U.S. to kick off the release of her upcoming debut album.  Her classical voice melds styles with Celtic, Pop, and Opera creating an exciting sound, crossing genres with beauty and a punch.

 "I was spellbound by Posey’s classical voice."

                                                        - Kay B. Day, Indie Art South

"'When the Wind Blows' is magnificent.  What a BEAUTIFUL piece.  Your voice was beautiful and the high notes just rang!  I loved everything." 

                                                       - Victoria Schultz of Celtic Wave & StringFyre

Celtic and Classical?  Different, yes!  First reactions to Misty's music: 'She's Celtic...' or 'She's classical...' - well, YES!  She's both.  Born with a classical voice, singing with Disney cartoons and pop music, Misty has always been drawn to Celtic instruments.  So, after singing in musicals and as Disney princess look-a-likes, she set out to write and record her own music, to combine all of the sounds she loves, while giving her soprano vocals room to have a little fun.  The result is Classical Crossover, but there is no denying what so many people hear - it is drenching in Misty's love for Celtic music.

 imaginative - celtic - powerful

Fans appreciate the passion with which Misty Posey sings.  Her music is as powerful as her voice - cinematic and full of percussion, then turning sweet and fairy-like, and much of what she writes invites fairies and fantasy to mind.  There is usually a little magic in most everything she writes, and it's easy to hear her songs as medieval times songs, as well as modern.  She started by writing poetry.  Then she started making melodies and chords, happy to turn her words into lyrics.  One of her newest songs, "Moon, Oh Moon," is derived from her poem of the same title, and can be read on here:

 Misty is also honored to be one of the U.S.A.'s National Anthem singers, requested by the Brevard Manatees baseball team during their last two seasons.  She has performed "The Star Spangled Banner" for athletes, charities, veterans, and for other events from the east coast to the west.

          "It's Misty Posey as Jennifer Rumpson who really steals the show.   You can see that she is fully committed to her character from the moment she walks on stage before she even speaks a line." 

– Review: “Paint Your Wagon,” Liz Lark-Riley, FLORIDA TODAY

Misty is a unique and powerful artist you don't want to miss.   She is working on original songs, songs from her Celtic ancestors, and hopes to incorporate more from her Native American ancestors also.  She released her debut album in 2018 and has more in store for 2019.

Misty Posey is booking now across the United States with future plans to cross the seas to see her fans in Europe.  Contact for booking, writing, and interviews: 

For every lyric and chord, a melody owns the moment it is sung. ”

— Misty Posey

About the music

2nd Original Song recorded - When the Wind Blows, inspired by unexplainable feelings I've experienced in the wind at times when the world suddenly felt larger, like something was coming.  When I finished writing this, I sat back at my piano and said that it was perfect.  It is the essence of my soul - the heart ignited by the mysteriously changing wind. Memories, thoughts, and emotions awaken to a drumming heartbeat on the breath of Irish flute & whistle. Celtic harp and fiddle bridging time and distance with the soul.

Greensleeves - I decided to record after my mom commented on how pretty it was when I was singing it around the house...and green is my favorite color - I'm easily swayed toward anything green!  I recorded it in December - LISTEN TO THE END...besides the "Greensleeves" melody being highly recognized in the USA as the Christmas carol, "What Child Is This," the violin at the end lightly plays strains of another Christmas tune which adds reminiscence to my childhood-connection with this being a Christmas melody as well as to when I recorded the song at Christmastime.

1st Original Song recorded - Ask Me - I set out to write something closer in style to an art song than a pop song - a challenge.  It has no chorus - the song says what it needs to say straight through with a variety chords, a diminished chord placed as a powerful turning point in the song.

Scarborough Fair - The ONLY song I left, entirely, up to the arranger's creativity.  My exact words were, "Surprise me."  The first night I heard this arrangement, I knew the meaning of the song...lyrics made perfect sense with the intention of the music - I loved every instrument, loved the fire it lit in my voice and vision.  I start with a girl who is holding onto a faint and foolish hope for a love she has not let go of.  Thinking of parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and all that love SHOULD be, she realizes that she is allowing her heart to be his, even though he has only wronged her, and her heart starts to turn, demanding that he earn her love.  She slowly gains her dignity back and realizes the harsh truth...that he was never really her true love.  In her anger she is freed of his hold on her, but with a gorgeous last thought, regrets knowing the truth - he never loved her, and that in itself is loss.

The first song I recorded - Panis Angelicus - The first time I heard this song, I thought it was the most beautiful song and knew I had to record it.  This is also my first music video.  Plans unraveled days before the shoot and I doubted the project until I saw our location was on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd - an encouraging sign - and prayed.  The idea came together better than planned.

Beautiful Dreamer is certainly one of the most unique songs I've written in style and concept.  It is a spin off of Stephen Foster's song and contains his lyrics along with the ones I have written, and it not Celtic, but African inspired, along with some native American Indian too.  With earthy percussion and winds in mind, I set to make this song a call from the Earth - when I am singing, I sing from the perspective of the Earth - ocean, land, air, creatures, and people.  The call out to the beautiful dreamer, is urgent and could only have the tones I could see being played by early cultures who used instruments less modern and very percussive.

Pie Jesu - written by Andrew Lloyd Webber.  This is a new instrumental arrangement, and I also chose to sing it in a warm, lower key.

Think of Me is my favorite song to sing by Andrew Lloyd Webber - a song I play night after night, sitting at my piano, singing the beautifully written high tones past midnight. This is a new arrangement, recorded with a 30-piece orchestra.  The key is higher, and I changed the style of the ending notes.  I also sing through the male lyrics, as I see the two lovers often having the same thoughts; it works great to replace the end duet.  Also very important to me, the intro is longer and more thoughtful to form more of a style indpendent of the arpeggiated feel of the musical version.


CHRISTMAS MUSIC - Ding dong, Merrily & ho, ho, ho....

Sit by the fire with warm cider and grand feelings for Gabriel's Message, a Folk Carol with roots dating back to the 13th century.  I have sung this with church organs, but this soft arrangement is carried by harp, which lends a bit of Celtic & Medieval air, perfect for a Christmas evening.

Joy to the World like you've never heard it before.  Classical, Celtic, and friendly fun you can clap along with!  It feels like singing with a group of friends surrounding you at home, celebrating Christmas with laughter and Joy.