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Misty Posey is a high soprano, singer-songwriter with songs inspired by nature, fantasy movies, and times long ago.   Her voice goes from what listeners call "fairy-like" and "angelic" to powerful high notes, in a seamless blend of old world Celtic, classical, and contemporary music, crossing genres with a style she owns.  Nick-named "Opera-girl," Misty released her debut album in December 2018, creating her own Celtic Classical Crossover sound with her signature songs “When the Wind Blows” and “Come Along to the Enchanted Forest.”  Celtic Festivals began to fill her performance schedule as she continued adding sean-nós and trad songs to her sets, and she began to be known as "Texas' Celtic Woman." 

Celtic and Classical?  Well, YES!  She's both.  From tartans to princess dresses, she is everything in between.  Misty devoted three collegiate years to classical vocal training, music, and writing, and she toured Ireland, Scotland, and Wales with her choir under the direction of Dr. Robert Lamb.  She then studied with private voice instructors to learn a variety of techniques while also studying at Maile Modeling & Acting School.  She jumped into film/TV and began performing at theme parks and in musicals.  However, drawn to Celtic music, she set out to create a sound that she loved, and she accomplished this with her first album.  Listening to Misty's original song, "When the Wind Blows," there is no denying her love for Celtic music or her reach as a crossover artist.  From simple songs to those where her vocals soar high, Misty captivates, gracefully singing above the music staff to C6, Db6, and Eb6, in concert as well as on her debut album on which she sings all of the background vocals, with the exception of “Moon, Oh Moon” and the male vocals in “Beautiful Dreamer.”  Misty’s songs are inspired by nature, adventure movies, times long ago, and her Celtic and Native American roots – a bit of her Germanic roots as well. 

Misty toured the U.S. through 2019, ending early in 2020 with the closing of performance venues nationwide.  With venues open, Misty is back on stage.  She has performed as a soloist for the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra, singing James Horner's Titanic Theme for the At the Movies Concert Series and The Star-Spangled Banner as adapted by Sandi Patty, for the Fourth of July Concert Series, and she spent four years performing as Disney princess look-a-likes.  She has sung for the Melbourne Advent Lutheran Concert Series, The Selkie Girls Christmas Series, Classical Crossover Magazine, and festivals including North Texas Irish Festival, Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games, Sherwood Forest Celtic Gathering, Tacoma Spring Fairy Festival, Berkshire Mountains Faerie Festival, and Texas Blueberry Festival.  Misty also toured Mexico as part of a Christian musical ministry, and she has sung the U.S.A.'s National Anthem from coast to coast for teams such as the Brevard Manatees and Orem Owlz, as well as for charities, veterans, and other events. 

In 2021, Misty formed Voice + Harp, a duo with harpist Linda Mudd of HarpEssence and The Selkie Girls.  In the same year, Misty was named Gaelic Youth Chorus Director at the North Texas School of Irish music, and in 2022, she became a vocal instructor at O’Flaherty Irish Music Youth Camp.  Christmas 2022 marked Misty’s debut as a film score composer with the BMG-Global release, “O, Holy Knight!” in which Alex Khaskin also served as film composer. 

Collaborations on new songs are currently in the works.  Tour dates are in the planning for the Texas area, and new music is set for release 2023.


Dare to enter the enchanting world of Celtic Vocalist @mistyposeymusic” - Alicia Needham, Founder

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Misty Posey, recipient of Excellence Award for performance in music video "Panis Angelicus"

I was spellbound by Posey’s classical voice.” - Kay B. Day

— Indie Art South

Beautiful music to write to: When the Wind Blows, Misty Posey.” - Emilyann Girdner

Best-Selling Fantasy Books Author & Fantasy Artist

It's Misty Posey as Jennifer Rumpson who really steals the show. You can see that she is fully committed to her character from the moment she walks on stage before she even speaks a line.” - Liz Lark-Riley

Florida Today

'When the Wind Blows' is magnificent. What a BEAUTIFUL piece. The high notes just rang!”

— Victoria Schultz of Celtic Wave & StringFyre