Victor Garber - genius of subtlety

Alias is one of my favorite TV series.  If you watch one episode, you want to know what happens in the next...why torture us, right?

Victor Garber plays "Jack", the father of Sydney Bristow, on Alias, and this man can draw you into the scene by being perfectly still....the twitch of a cheek or the faint tightening of the lips is all it takes!  His eyes and bearing do all of the acting for him.  Quite an internal feat.  He is amazing.

What else have I seen him play in?  A comedy..."Fraiser."  I have become a fan of this show, as it's quibbling siblings make light of a sophisticated humor that I have rarely seen on other shows, and Victor Garber goes from being this serious man in "Alias" to cracking me up in "Fraiser."  Love it.

Advice: Don't get into a staring contest with Victor.  He will win.

Misty Posey
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