Mastering the travel plans & oh, so excited about Seattle & Forks, WA

Working on last minute travel plans, tonight.  They just go on and on...details!  Pretty sure I need a travel agent.  My debut album tour is going far north.  I am excited to see Seattle, Washington.  There are not many places that I know I want to go, and Seattle happens to be one.  Tacoma, Washington will be a great destination to perform.  And you know, I'm going to go to Forks...maybe see Bella and Edward there!  I must confess, one of my favorite things about the Twilight saga, is all of the scenery and weather portrayed in the movie.  So, I'm excited to go to Forks, WA also!  Then back to perform in Utah again! 

Here I go....well...really I need so sleep first!

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