Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

Go see the new movie!  It's in theaters now and definitely worth seeing.

Why do we love Tom Cruise?  The running.  The stunts.  The character he pours into every moment!  Yes?

What made me a "Mission: Impossible" fan?  That would be "Mission: Impossible FALLOUT."  Hands down, “FAllout” is one of the most exciting movies I have ever seen.  Full of heart, this movie never stops, and Tom never stops.  All the actors surrounding him are great in this movie…besides the movie itself!  I own it, securely on DVD, and it is difficult to pick just one scene because you will keep watching all of the scenes that follow.

Now, back to the newest “Mission: Impossible” currently playing on the big screen.  I've had a little time to see some parts of the earlier movies, and I am loving the character-plot connections.  I'll probably end up watching all of this series this year….well, I guess I should see how many movies there are.

What else about the movie?  Personally, I never watch movie trailers EVER.  There is nothing like hearing punchlines and seeing scenes for the first time when the movie is actually happening, but I'll just say…

(and feel free to stop reading)

…that the only flaw is that the enemy definitely should have wrecked that hands-free car near the end.  Just made sense, so I was waiting for it.  However, I'll chalk it up to you never know what's going to happen and let it be a really good movie!  It follows all of Tom's latest movies in the integrity of the film's quality, and you should definitely go see it.  Well done, everyone.

Misty Posey
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