The terrible trials of putting music back on streaming services

Alas, the nightmare began months ago.  Well, really, I suppose it began a few years ago when car companies began to take CD players out of new vehicles in a big money corporation attack on everyone who wanted music in their hands rather than relying on the 3rd-party money makers who have seized the music industry, putting the average independent artist into the lowest-paid wage group possible while raking in the billions for simply playing our music.

Ugh…why can't anything be simple?  Oh ya…large corporation take-over.

Only a few minutes on most websites (well, the ones that know they gotcha where they want ya) is enough to drive a person insane.  I have a couple of great websites that I have been working with over the last few years, and they are great!  I can actually accomplish what I need  to accomplish.  Other sites, though, have cut off all contact - No phone, no online chat.  Then WHO is running things?  And HOW are we supposed to have a working relationship?  Answer: you end up stuck.

Ugh…I just want to put music back on streaming!  Well, by no easy means, I found some contact information on the distributor.  We will see if I hear back and clear things up.

Ugh…I need an internet guru to do this part….really I'm just a music artist, a human, a person walking quite normally upon the computer-ridden Earth.  Not a magician.

Pretty sure my songs won't be up super soon.

Misty Posey

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