Reba McEntire, actor! ...and

Who knew?  Maybe you knew, ha, ha...and now I know.  Reba McEntire is an amazing actor!  Wow, I am so impressed by her.

She is a talented singer, and she also stars in the TV comedy, "Reba."  I have seen many of these episodes, and watching them, she reminds me of Lucille Ball from "I Love Lucy."  (Even their red hair seems to compliment each other.)

However, I did not know Reba had any previous acting roles, until last week.  I just saw her in the movie, "Tremors," and I was blown away by her natural talent on screen.  She's so incredibly believable in this film, seemingly without effort.  I read that this was her first role (maybe major role...not sure), but after seeing her in "Tremors," I would love to see her in more movies.

Reba was surrounded by a talented cast, including the girl who played John Hammond's granddaughter in the movie "Jurassic Park."  I have never known the actor's name, but since a Jurassic Park DVD is a prize possession in my entertainment section, I put it in to watch the 2nd half of the movie and the credits - Ariana Richards!  From now on, I can call her by name, which is good since I talk about her all of the time, especially the kitchen scene where her terror comes down in tears and where she makes me burst into laughter running past her brother, arms straight out in front of her, to lock the freezer!  Yes...Ariana is amazing!  I hope I see both her and Reba in more acting roles.

Misty Posey
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