Axl & Mike Heck....and the greatest neighbor ever, Nancy Donahue

"The Middle" is one of my favorite TV series!  I now have the entire DVD collection, and I love how every season has a great artistic edge on the DVD set.

Who is my favorite actor?  Hard to pick, especially with Eden Sher playing Sue Sue Heck.  So who?  I love Neil Flynn as Mike (I'll keep that explanation as simple as his character keeps things.)  And I love Charlie McDermott as Axl!  He has a style that makes the whole family believable.  Every second, you believe Charlie is Axl - brother, son...a guy with his own world in his head.

But who is Nancy Donahue?  Who is this adorably sweet character?  Looking at a few credits, I think her name is Jen Ray.  I could be wrong.  I just love to see her pop up in episodes.  She is a talented actress who is all-in, and her character definitely balances the show with her adorableness inside and out.  You just have to love her!

Misty Posey
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