New Fan Club Launch

I am very happy to open up a Fan Club where all of the members of the club gets the benefits of supporting the music they love.  I hope it ends up being a fun endeavor for them!

I have had some great, patient fans over these last few years, and we are all ready for new music and all that I have worked toward for 2023.  As an independent musician, you become every part of the business as well as the artist, and I hope that this fan club will enable me to spend a bit more time being the artist.  The great thing about the fan club being directly on my website is that no percentage of what fans and supporters invest is being shared with a third party host.  The fans can come straight to me and not go through one of the companies who are made to profit from support and donations.

Here we go!  Jumping into 2023.  God Bless!

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