40's & 50's swingtime sound!

While on tour in Florida, I was invited to a concert by “Swingtimers Vocal Trio,” and when their voices came together in close harmony, I was impressed.  The sound on many of the songs did remind me of the “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," which is one of the only songs I could ever say that I officially know as swingtime music, but I know the sound, all the same, and this trio's harmony had it!  And the songs were great.  Many of my favorites.

I had so much fun at their concert that only two days later, I went to a sock hop that featured the trio - my very first.  This was with Melbourne Municipal Band.  So much fun!  I would suggest that everyone in Florida go to one of the Swingtimers Vocal Trio concerts or to one of their sock hops with Melbourne Municipal Band.  They are really in their element - all involved really knew their stuff in this genre.  A great gift for anybody miles around!  Go and listen and dance and don't miss out on this group and their music.

Maybe the trio will sing the Bugle-boy song next time?  (That might be a written request!)

So glad I took the time to go.

Misty Posey
Amazing Artists Mondays

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