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When the Wind Blows

Misty Posey

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Misty Posey's signature song. Written by Misty and included on her debut album.

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Ending the Fall season with the release of my album "Celtic" 

Finally, my album, “Celtic,” has come.  I really had to turn things around and did!  All of the songs on the album are traditional Scottish and Irish songs.  The album features harpist Linda Mudd from my “Voice + Harp” duo, and guitarist Ulli Bögershausen.  The soft-release of the album is on my website's homepage under the music tab.  A beautiful end to Autumn.  A celebratory release will follow in which the songs will be available for download, streaming, and on CD, along with added bonus tracks.

Misty Posey
Singer, Actor, Writer, Arts
Celtic / Classical Crossover / Heroic Fantasy music