From Christmas to the new year to...

Hello to all the new butterflies who joined the mailing list during the twelve days of Christmas.  You should be getting a little something from me in the mail.  Family and friends gave me the most amazing gifts for Christmas…

The Twelve Days of Christmas

It's one of my favorite songs, and celebrating the 12 days of Christmas is great with all of the family and friends and travel!

FOR YOU...the whole twelve days of Christmas, I've got little gifts for everyone who signs…


Debut Album and CD news

The debut album is here!  Yae!  All of the songs I've recorded, with the exception of Christmas songs, are brought together for your ease to listen to all of music all in one place.  Just pop the CD in and…

Album Cover by the artist

No one knows your music better than you do.  And I am an artist to the core!  So, this is the Album Cover I designed, myself.  It says so much about the journey to make this music happen, and there…


The new song will be available for purchase on Monday!  Invite everybody to get it, here on my website music store.  It is inspired by this poem.  You can read it on -




Sneak-Peek at new song

"Come Along to the Enchanted Forest" debuts this Sunday on CalonFM 105FM's Classical XOver show 6-9pm Wales.  Here's a peek at the song before it airs:


Brand new song release debuting soon!  Get ready for it!


More Misty Posey Merchandise

More merchandise coming to the STORE!  More of my Lyrics, Poetry, and Irish Blessings coming for you!  Notebooks & blank Art books (if you want the blank pages.)  LOTS of items already available with my Music Motto! 

Sooooo....ideas?  Let…


Misty's Merchandise Update

Yay!  Merchandise is now available on  Not all - yet... The motto I wrote for my music is available in several different formats - PUZZLES (yes, excited!) - nothing helps me settle more at night or break…


New Website - My Favorite Things

Gorgeous singer, Julie Andrews, sang "My Favorite Things" in The Sound of Music (which I grew up singing along with, accent and all)!  Now you can see a few of my favorite things here on my website.



Free Downloads - magical music for Magical Faeries!

FOR my faerie friends at The Berkshire Mountains Faerie Festival - A few of the songs I prepared to sing for you are available for download on my brand new website.  You're getting a look at the site before its…