New videos of live performances

New videos going to YouTube.  Visions by Michael Photography provided some videography and sound in March.  Erin Shore productions provided some sound and video through the winter.  So, all of you who have wanted to hear my vocals absent of…


interview with celebrity haute spot

Check it out here:


Music Distribution & Writing

The debut album is not only live on my website and cdbaby, but also iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.  Practicing this week for a performance with a north Texas string quartet on Saturday.  And I just finished editing lyrics to a…


More on the Debut Album

My debut album is now live on CD Baby's website.  Other distributors will have it up by next weekend.

Got to say, nothing like having a CD in hand.  It's great being able to download songs, but my favorite…


My, oh My

Booking, Recording, Advertising...there's so much for an artist to do!

Very thankful for the fans who are such great supporters of my music!


From Christmas to the new year to...

Hello to all the new butterflies who joined the mailing list during the twelve days of Christmas.  You should be getting a little something from me in the mail.  Family and friends gave me the most amazing gifts for Christmas…

The Twelve Days of Christmas

It's one of my favorite songs, and celebrating the 12 days of Christmas is great with all of the family and friends and travel!

FOR YOU...the whole twelve days of Christmas, I've got little gifts for everyone who signs…


Debut Album and CD news

The debut album is here!  Yae!  All of the songs I've recorded, with the exception of Christmas songs, are brought together for your ease to listen to all of music all in one place.  Just pop the CD in and…

Album Cover by the artist

No one knows your music better than you do.  And I am an artist to the core!  So, this is the Album Cover I designed, myself.  It says so much about the journey to make this music happen, and there…