Such a beautiful day!

It is the last day of February, and the morning in north Texas, where I sang at the most adorable Ladies Tea & Brunch, was crisp and cool - I didn't mind the chill at all, as it was perfect…


2 X to Florida

I started my 2020 tour in Florida.  The Atlantic Ocean was cold, of course - it is February - but really, there was little time to visit the east coast beaches anyway.

I performed in Gainesville, Florida at a music…


Tour arrangements

Finalizing all the stuff that goes with setting up the gigs in the next two months.  Singing this weekend at The Celt, my favorite Irish Pub in Texas.  And heading to Florida, after that to perform.


late night

ALMOST finshed working tonight.  Up much too late, but that happens to writers.



A Novel Day

Somehow, my artistic and business attention went to writing on the page today.  Started the chapter and so many unexpected things happened, I didn't stop.  Okay, I did actually have lunch...sometimes that doesn't happen!

I took a little time to…


So many things

I have taken every other day to spend holiday time with friends and family, but it is an end to the holidays, now a new year.  I find if I don't take a day off, I never let my mind…


Slowing Down on Christmas Eve...just a little

Wow, I didn't go into Santa's shop with the early rising sun this morning!  However, it was a late night, and I've spent the morning catching up on loads of logistics!  Lots of messages to catch up with!  Hope to…


Late nights, Early Mornings

Working hard all December long!  I will finish my acting roles as Santa's helper tonight, and I've got new music and touring logistics that I am working on at the same time.  Got to get back to it!


Booking the new year

This week, I worked on solidifying February performances 2020.  It is almost done!  Nearly there.  I will be in Florida, Texas, and if I can fit it into the travel schedule, one new U.S. state which I have not yet…