Author Review in Poetic-form

Thanks to author, Mark Gordon, for giving me this inspired review of my videos - in poetic-form:


The mood of acapella

is moonlight 

all alone 


A voice upon 

the water 

in the evening 


dressed in nothing 

but itself 



New Videos on My YouTube Channel

There are new videos up on my youtube channel from my concerts this spring.  This is a Music video made from a concert in Orem, Utah.  It is a song by Ed Sheeran, a theme in one of my absolute…

Singing on the east coast of the U.S.A.

No concerts for me in Rhode Island this go around, but stopped to see the sights - the rock walls there and in Connecticut, reminded me of being in Ireland.

Live Concerts

So many concerts happen at festivals, and after this night performance at the fairy festival in Massachusetts, I hope to see my new fans again.

Singing at Festivals

Singing at festivals has become a great way to meet fans, especially since Renaissance Festivals, Fairy Festivals, Celtic Festivals, Scottish Festivals, and Irish Festivals, love all of the things I do - Kindrid to my music.  This is a photo…


Getting those tour dates out!

Well, I have endeavored to make sure my mailing list is up-to-date, and failed.  Too many things for an artist to be responsible for, and that is actually the happier part of being an indepent artist without a big music…


Northwest Tour

It has been a gorgeous trip going to sing in Washington and Utah.  I love all of the small towns and cities.  So calm and nice and easy to get around in.  The trees, fog, and mist are my favorite…


Scottish Wedding & Festival

Such a gorgeous day at the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games.  I doubt the weather temperature was over 70 degrees.  Chilly air, grey clouds, and perfect for a Scottish wedding.  So happy to sing for two people getting married…


Taking time to book performances

Concerts?  I love them.  Nothing like singing live and meeting the excited people afterwards. 

Taking time to book more live performances at fairy festivals, Renaissance festivals, Celtic festivals, Scottish festivals, Irish festivals...whew....I will get more dates and locations on my…