Spring Garden - time to dig

For days, I've been planting and trying not to be late for spring.  The best and most real tomatoes ever only come from home gardens!  So, we are hoping to make this year's garden even better than last year's.

Dad and I have spent hours digging a new garden for more vegetables this year.  Alas, 8:00pm came, and there wasn't enough light to see what I was doing any more.  A neighbor suggested we use a gas powered tiller...something I never would have thought of, so it is nice to get suggestions....but I just can't imagine having gasoline pouring out into the air when I could spend some time and sweat shoveling by hand.  Plus, I am building muscle for surfing - warmer months are on the way!  Really, shoveling three or four hours without stopping is refreshing.  A great day of work is what the Earth is all about!  And spring will not wait.  So, I will work as fast as I can to get the job done while fitting in my other work!

It has certainly been a full day - music & garden & novel.

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