So many things

I have taken every other day to spend holiday time with friends and family, but it is an end to the holidays, now a new year.  I find if I don't take a day off, I never let my mind rest and overwork.  So, it has been good to get some days off.  The other days, I have been in a race to finish tour plans that are in swing for 2020. 

January starts the 2nd year of my a tour with my full album complete.  However, as an indie artist, I have had my hands full with work that will keep my business in good-standing.  So, I hope to get more studio work coming up and more acting gigs.

I have a huge line-up of music to learn for upcoming performances - lots of classical music with band collaborations.  And I have some really beautiful song collaborations with some  great artists that are sure to be loved.  Okay, back to fixing my schedule for the next few months!

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